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How to Join

A femal student participating in a scrimmage.If you want to sign up for the Mock Trial Team, all you need to do is to start attending Mock Trial events.

Accessing the Case

Once you start attending team practices and the case is released by the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA), you can access the case materials on the AMTA website. You will need a username and password. That username and password is private and only given to AMTA-registered schools, so we ask that you not share it with anyone outside the UAB Mock Trial Team. After you download the case, you can begin reviewing the material.

How we Work

On the first day, you will meet the coaches, squad captains, and returning team members. Then the coaches and captains will give you direction on how to get started. You will have ample opportunity to ask questions and receive assistance.

The UAB team compeating at MTSU.Will I Compete?

Everyone is invited to participate in the team. Who competes, however, is limited to seven or eight members. These roles are nominated and voted on by the team itself. See the UAB Mock Trial Policies for more details. [Note: You can find the UAB Mock Trial Team policies in the UAB Mock Trial Module located on Canvas in the Pre-Law Program Shell.]

What if I Don't Get a Role?

If you don't get the role you want, you can always work with coaches, and captains, attend workshops, get special training, and try again.