Why Join?

The 2013 Mock Trial team. Distinguish Yourself

The Mock Trial Team is a unique program on UAB’s campus. The team has won numerous tournaments, and team members win individual awards each year. UAB students have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd while still being surrounded by people willing to help you succeed. Local lawyers, judges, and other professionals often visit the team and help judge practice rounds. This is an opportunity to learn from some of the best in the legal community, and team members often use that training to win trophies to take back to UAB and individual awards to take home for themselves.

A student displaying his "Best Attorney" plaque from a competition.

Earn Class Credit

While participating on the team can be considered an extracurricular activity, team members can also receive class credit. This is excellent for students who enjoy a change from the typical classroom lecture format. Sitting in a classroom taking notes while listening to a professor is the exception in Mock Trial, not the rule. You can register for CJ 434: Mock Trial Competition and repeat it for up to six hours of class credit.

Building Your Resume

Whether you end up in the legal field or elsewhere, employers look for skills that you’ve developed that will assist you when you work for them. UAB’s Mock Trial Team will help you develop skills that employers demand: public speaking, working in a team, problem solving, and many others that you cannot always gain in a classroom.