Giving to the Department of English

""The Department of English and UAB's College of Arts and Sciences could not do what we do without your support. Traditional revenues such as tuition, fees, federal grants, and state funds provide for daily work, but they often vary with the level of state revenues and enrollments.

Gifts from you create a secure, concrete foundation for our future success. They benefit not only students and faculty but also the community as a whole.

Giving Funds

You can contribute to the Department of English in a number of ways:

  • The Department of English General Fund

    Your gift to the Department of English General Fund provides the department with flexibility to support key priorities of the department. Your support allows us to continue to provide outstanding academic programs.

  • Barksdale-Maynard Endowed Creative Writing Award

    The Barksdale-Maynard Prizes in Fiction and Poetry are made possible by a gift from George Maynard and Isabel Barksdale-Maynard in honor of Isabel completing the first M.A. thesis in Creative Writing at UAB. Funds from this award provide prizes to inspiring young writers.

    Collins Family Endowed Scholarship in English

    The Collins Family Endowed Scholarship in English is named to pay tribute to Dr. Robert J. Collins’ parents and to honor the Collins’ family. The endowment will serve as an endorsement of the significance of higher education and students who aim to devote themselves to the pursuit of excellence in creative writing. The endowment is used to provide a scholarship for graduate students pursuing a master’s degree with an emphasis on creative writing in the Department of English.

    English Recruiting Endowed Scholarship

    The English Recruiting Endowed Scholarship was established by the English Advisory Board for the purpose of providing financial assistance to recruit and support deserving students in the Department of English. The English Advisory Board was led by exemplary leaders and members who consistently displayed commitment to the growth and success of the Department of English.

    Gloria Goldstein Howton Scholarship Endowment Fund

    The Gloria Goldstein Howton Endowment Fund is named in honor of Gloria Goldstein Howton, former Assistance Vice President and Director of University Relations, to pay tribute to her 28 years of loyal and invaluable service to UAB. Funds from this endowment are used to assist outstanding students interested in pursuing a career in creative writing.

    Grace Lindsley Waits Scholarship

    The Grace Lindsley Waits Scholarship Fund is named in memory of Grace L. Waits, teacher of English at Banks High School in Birmingham, Alabama. In appreciation for Mrs. Waits’ professionalism and dedication, the donors would like to recognize English majors who have demonstrated academic excellence. Funds from this endowment are used to assist deserving students who are rising seniors majoring in English.

    Phillips Endowed Scholarship in English

    The Phillips Scholarship in English was created by friends and alumni of Phillips High School. The Phillips faculty, especially Principal Sellers Stough, are gratefully remembered by their former students. This scholarship is awarded to seniors majoring in English.

    The Chapman Family Endowed Award

    The Chapman Family Endowed Award in the Department of English in honor of Alison Chapman, Ph.D. and her parents, Karen and Lee Chapman. The Chapman family has long believed that education transforms lives, and they are particularly committed to those deserving students who struggle with the costs of college. By assisting students who might not otherwise be able to attend UAB, the Chapmans also wish to pay tribute to the university that has been an important part of their lives. Alison Chapman, Ph.D., joined to UAB in 2000 where she now serves as Professor and Chair of the Department of English, and she is honored to have spent her career serving UAB students and faculty. Lee Barton Chapman was a graduate of the UAB School of Medicine and went on to become a beloved Birmingham-area surgeon. He was delighted to have his daughter join the UAB faculty in 2000.

    Three Sisters Prize Student Award

    A sponsored annual prize, the Three Sisters Prize is awarded to recognize deserving writers published in the NELLE Journal. Recipients will be selected based on the merit of their fiction, non-fiction or poetry submission to the award review committee.

    Tom Brown Prize

    The Tom Brown Prize for Creative Nonfiction is named in honor of Dr. Thomas H. Brown, chair of the English Department from 1984-1992. Prizes are awarded annually for the best work of short fiction, creative nonfiction, and the best poem or group of poems.

    Walter P. Mayfield Endowed Scholarship Fund

    The Walter P. Mayfield Endowed Scholarship Fund is named in memory of Walter P. Mayfield to honor his activities as a positive and encouraging teacher and a respected adjunct instructor and colleague, in addition to his many years of service to UAB and the Department of English. Funds from this endowment are used to assist deserving students who are rising juniors majoring in English.

  • Ada White Long Creative Writing Workshop Endowment

    The Ada White Long Creative Writing Workshop endowment fund was established to fund day-to-day programming needs such as field trips, guest speakers, student supplies, and more. A gift to this account will enable the workshop to continue and enhance programming each year.

    Jimmie Hess Scholarship Fund

    The Jimmie Hess Scholarship Fund was created in memory of Jimmie Hess and provides scholarship support for students to attend the Ada Long Creative Writing Workshop.

    NELLE Journal

    The NELLE Journal celebrates and publishes the best, most innovative writing by women. The journal is a UAB publication staffed by faculty and students.

    Birmingham Poetry Review

    The Birmingham Poetry Review is a UAB publication that includes original poetry, translations, and reviews. Each issue includes a featured poet and featured essay section.

For additional information regarding gifts to the Department of English, please contact Camille Epps at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (205) 996-2154.

We thank you for your support.