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Dr. Margaret Jay Jessee talks to her students and writes on the smartboardIn the Department of English, we strive to serve our students, the university, and our profession by combining teaching, research, and service. You’ll have the chance to work with award-winning teachers and scholars on a broad range of subjects, from Renaissance English literature through contemporary flash fiction, from digital document design through the History of the English Language.

English department faculty members have won awards for their scholarship (Rebecca Ann Bach and Kieran Quinlan). They have also been honored with President’s Teaching Awards (Alison Chapman, Cynthia Ryan, David Basilico, and Cassandra Ellis). And their service to others has been recognized as well (Alison Chapman, Cynthia Ryan, Cassandra Ellis, Nichole Lariscy, and Jaclyn Wells).

Just as we offer students a chance to work with faculty on their own research topics, we guide them in internships around the university and beyond, enabling them to pursue their own career interests while serving others. Please join us to add your voice to the conversation and your skills and energies to our community.