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Our alumni have gone on to work in all kinds of different fields. They are pediatricians, transit engineers, video game designers, publicists, technical writers, corporate executives, teachers, lawyers, speech pathologists, stockbrokers, university administrators, military officers, non-profit directors, and ministers. And in these and many other fields, they have distinguished themselves by their critical thinking, commitment, and creativity.

We invite all of our alumni to stay in touch with us—we love hearing about the great things that happen once people leave this department and put their degrees to work in the world. Do you want to become involved in the department? We welcome your ideas and participation! Or perhaps you would like to know how to donate to this department and help support its mission. You can contact us through email or phone, or tell us what you’ve been doing through this website.

Featured Alumni

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    Luke Richey

    Luke Richey is a Copywriter and Content Strategist at McNutt & Partners, LLC, a local ad agency, where he drafts copy for multiple clients on a myriad of social media platforms. Read more about Luke.

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    Marie Sutton

    By day, Marie Sutton is the Director of Marketing and Communication for the Division of Student Affairs at UAB. By night, she is a writer whose passion is telling stories about the African-American experience. Read more about Marie.

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    DeJordique Pearson

    DeJordique Pearson never planned to be an English teacher in Vietnam, but he quickly fell in love with his "backup country." Read more about DeJordique.