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Yuliya Musakovska translated by Olena Jennings and the author

NELLE 6 | 2023

The knight of eggshells, my unmistakable copy
in a modern remix, processed by time and space—
where did you get so much courage, moving non-stop
in this stunning journey towards adulthood?

The green pea curls, biting into the fence,
getting angry, bending old and creaky weeds.
Who would dare trim you with the “you-cannot” scissors,
or straighten you up with the “you-must” planks?

The flag bearer of a fall park, the golden impostor,
look, fallen leaves are exploding in strikes above our heads.
Your house of sticks is standing strong, will not fall apart.
If you want to cry, then cry, the time will come to be a warrior.

You are piercing right through with your eyes full of horizon.
The night approaches, so only the closest ones remain near.
The shell breaks—somewhere in the zone of twilight
basilisks hatch. The face changes in the mirror.

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