alumni board

In 2009, the College of Arts and Sciences was formed by combining the School of Arts and Humanities, School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. If you are an alumni from any of these schools, we welcome you to the College of Arts and Sciences alumni community!

The College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Board strives to build a strong alumni community for the UAB College of Arts and Sciences. Staying connected with your peers provides unique networking opportunities you cannot get anywhere else.

The Arts and Sciences Alumni Board was formed with the mission to promote the excellence of the UAB College of Arts and Sciences and to create outreach and engagement to our alumni.

2021 Arts and Sciences Board Members:

  • Johnny Bates, ‘78 Math
  • Felicia Buck, ’17 Individually Designed Major
  • Wesley Calhoun, ’87 Criminal Justice
  • Kristin Chapleau, ’04 Communications Studies
  • Emily Chastain, ’07 History
  • Grace Dugger, ’06 Social Work
  • Mike Guest, '87 Individually Designed Major
  • Clifford Kennon, ’92 Communications Studies & ’98 MPA
  • Bolaji Kukoyi, ’02 and ’08 Mathematics
  • Chris McCallum, ’96 Biology
  • Tim Meehan, ‘86 Communications Studies
  • Eric Meyer, ’01 Individually Designed Major
  • Natasha Moore, ’10 Criminal Justice
  • Kristie Rankin, ’90 Psychology
  • Mike Rowe, ’86 Computer Science
  • Amy Royer, ’92 Communication Studies
  • Tim Stephens, ’15 Individually Designed Major
  • Tammi Thomas, ’84 Mathematics
  • Tom Walker, ’02 Political Science
  • Adrian Ward, ’90 Psychology
  • Teresa Wilson, ‘92 English
  • Daisy Wong, ’97 and ’03 Computer Science


claire jackson headshotIf you are interested in serving on the Arts and Sciences Alumni Board, contact Development and Alumni Project Manager Claire Jackson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.