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In today’s world of increasing globalization, the ability to communicate effectively in another language and with a person from another culture is a highly sought-after commodity. The Department of World Languages and Literatures is your ticket to cross-continent communication. You may take classes from:

Dr. Catherine Danielou

(205) 934-5643
Areas of Specialization: early modern French women writers, the study of aging in Ancien Régime France, the influence of Michel de Montaigne's Essays on writings by women, Franco-Americans, littérature du terroir, as well as the theme of exile

Ling Ma

(205) 934-1834
Areas of Specialization: foreign language acquisition and education, modern and contemporary Chinese literature and culture, creative writing

Dr. John Maddox

(205) 975-5329
Areas of Specialization: Afro-Hispanic literature and culture, the Caribbean, US-Brazil-Hispanic comparisons, ways of understanding the body (medicine, gender, race)

Dr. John K. Moore Jr.

(205) 934-4652
Areas of Specialization: Spanish and Spanish literature, the intersection of ethnicity and pilgrimage. Moore teaches a wide array of courses at all levels

Dr. Erika Hille Rinker

(205) 934-4652
Areas of Specialization: responsible for all sections of German offered at UAB and advises all German minors; early twentieth-century German and Austrian literature and culture, literature and medicine, translation theory and practice, and women’s writing

Dr. Lourdes Sanchez-Lopez

(205) 934-8281
Areas of Specialization: Spanish for specific purposes, second language acquisition, applied linguistics, phonetics and phonology, cultural studies and foreign language pedagogy