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Studying history provides an understanding of "why we are what we are" and "how we came to be where we are today." You study history not only to understand your own past and present but also the evolution of other cultures, civilizations, and nations. You may take classes from:

Dr. Pamela Murray

(205) 934-8695
Areas of Specialization: social and political history of modern Spanish America , history of women in Latin America, modern Colombia (19th-20th centuries)

Dr. George Liber

(205) 934-8697
Areas of Specialization: Soviet, post-Soviet, and East European social history; center-periphery relations in the Soviet Union and its successor states; nationalism and national identity formation; processes of democratization; 20th century Ukrainian history

Dr. Stephen Miller

(205) 934-5634
Areas of Specialization: the history of capitalism, early modern Europe, and the French Revolution

Dr. John E. Van Sant

(205) 975-6520
Areas of Specialization: East Asia, primarily Japan and China; World History

Dr. Walter Ward

(205) 934-8699
Areas of Specialization: Roman Near East, early Christianity, early Islam