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Student in Germany laughing and holding a camera outside a historic building.

10 Reasons to Learn German

  • It is an important language for communication in Europe and the world.
  • You'll have opportunities to study abroad.
  • It increases success when doing business with Germans.
  • Knowing German is a proven advantage in the tourism industry.
  • Language skills increase your opportunities in the global job market.
  • It prepares you to experience Europe.
  • German can help you become a better scientist.
  • It helps you experience Germany in more depth.
  • German is a language of culture.

Source:  Goethe-Institut opens a new website.

Minor in German

The minor in German consists of 12 hours from 200-level or higher courses. To enroll in any 200-level course, you must either complete 8 hours of 100-level courses or complete the equivalent placement test.

A complete list of minor requirements opens a new website and courses opens a new website is available in the UAB Undergraduate Catalog opens a new website.


Contact Adam J Toth, PhD.


  • Adam J. Toth

    Visiting Assistant Professor of German This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    University Hall 3171
    (205) 934-4652

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