We are dedicated to your success at UAB, and part of that dedication includes making certain you are starting your studies at the right level for you. Before you start taking language courses, you will be asked to take a placement exam in the language you want to study.

All students taking introductory Spanish, French, and German must take the WebCAPE Proficiency Placement Exam at the beginning (and sometimes at the end) of the semester. Students enrolling in Chinese, Italian, and Japanese will work directly with designated faculty members to ensure proper placement.

Placement Test for Spanish, French, German, and Chinese

Read the instructions for the WebCAPE Proficiency Placement Exam carefully and completely before starting the test.
Example of WebCAPE score results. Example of WebCAPE score results.
  • Choose school (University of Alabama at Birmingham), and click Go.
  • Enter this password when prompted: blazers1 (all lowercase)
  • Under Languages choose the appropriate language.
  • Fill in your name, student ID, and email address in the appropriate fields. DO NOT fill out the entire document. Scroll down to bottom of page and click on Continue.
  • Complete a practice test item. Once you finish that the placement test will begin. The exam length is different for everyone, and changes every time you take it.
  • When the test is done, a screen with your name, score, and a chart placing you into a level will appear.
  • DO NOT CLICK “DONE” OR CLOSE THAT SCREEN UNTIL YOU HAVE COMMUNICATED YOUR RESULTS TO YOUR INSTRUCTOR. Print or write down the results and give it to your instructor.

Take the WebCAPE Proficiency Placement Exam