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Ph.D. 2011 Career: Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Mississippi; Research Fellow at Okayama University, Japan (Summer 2012); Assistant Professor at East Carolina University

Advisor: N. Chernov


  • B.Sc. 2001, Jordan University of Science and Technology
  • M.Sc. 2004, Jordan University of Science and Technology
  • Ph.D 2011, University of Alabama at Birmingham

I was attracted to the University of Alabama at Birmingham by its reputation among Jordanian alumni who have received their degrees from UAB. During my study, I have enjoyed the department and I felt like being a part of a lovely family. The faculty members are helpful, modest, and social. They are very glad to assist their students, listen to their problems and provide help. They become happier to hear about their students' successes.

My education at the Department of Mathematics helps me significantly after my graduation from UAB in 2011. The well-designed courses and my adviser's directions geared me toward my degree with solid knowledge in mathematics, statistics and computer programming. They prepared me very well to be creative and think critically. I published three original papers during my study, while another three papers were published after graduation. Now I am collaborating with leading researchers in computer vision from Okayama University, Japan. My research interests go beyond my Ph.D. dissertation to include active topics in computer vision and pattern recognition, as well as some applications in signal processing.