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Why Math? It Builds Career Skills


The Department of Mathematics offers several academic programs to fit the interests and career goals of UAB students:

If you have already decided on a career in a field such as business, art, or education, you may think mathematics has little to offer you beyond completing your basic college requirements. Yet mathematics, as both an art and a science, can enrich your studies while honing skills to improve your career opportunities.

A sound mathematical education can enhance your problem-solving abilities, helpful for anyone who plans a career in business or who aspires to leadership in any field. Repeated exposure to mathematical problem-solving can help you learn to select the relevant information in a given situation and to combine it with other known facts to resolve a problem or to achieve a desired goal.

Interested in medicine, engineering, or other related fields? Mathematics helps improve the shape of jet aircrafts and the design and operation of diagnostic medical equipment. The role of mathematics in many fields has been enhanced in recent years by the increased availability of powerful computing equipment, such as the Alabama Cray-XMP supercomputer to which the mathematicians at UAB have access.

Why Math at UAB?

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  • Flexibility: The Department of Mathematics at UAB offers a complete range of courses in both pure and applied mathematics. Many Birmingham-area students come to UAB for advanced courses not available at their own institutions.
  • Student Support: Our students have access to a dedicated Mathematics advisor, as well as free use of computer labs and tutoring services.
  • Faculty Expertise: Most of our full-time faculty members are practicing research mathematicians, many of whom are nationally and internationally known and respected. These faculty are all involved in undergraduate teaching.

We invite you to explore our programs and find the right one for you!

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