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Ph.D. Alumni

  • 2023


    • Redolfi Steven A., "Expansion in Eigenfunctions for Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations Without the Unique Continuation Property," 04/2023 (Weikard). Risk Quantitative Model Validation Analyst Regions Bank, Birmingham, AL
    • Bhardwaj Varun, "Generalization of the limit-point & limit-circle classification to equations with distributional coefficients," 08/2023 (Weikard).
    • Burdette Brittany E., "The Global and Local Correspondence Between Unicritical and Maximally Critical Laminations and the Realization of Laminations to Julia Sets," 08/2023 (Mayer) Assistant Professor at Lander University.
    • Carty Adam P., "Realization of Hyperbolic Laminations and Properties of Limit Laminations," 08/2023 (Oversteegen).
    • Cox Kyoung J., "Functional Least Squares Minimization," 08/2023 (Knowles). Model Validation Analyst, Regions Bank, Birmingham, AL.
  • 2021-2022


    • Oluwadara A. Ogunkoya, "Entanglement Entropy Bound and Emptiness Formation Probability of the XXZ Spin Chain," 04/2022 (Starr). Research Associate/Carolyn B. Parker Fellow at Superconducting Quantum Materials and Systems Center(SQMS).
    • Kevin T. Campbell, “On the spectral theory for ordinary differential equations with distributional coefficients with an emphasis on the periodic case,” 08/2022 (Weikard). Director of Research, Spring Valley School, Birmingham, AL.
    • Arein M. Duaibes, "Resonant Solutions for Gross-Pitaevskii Equation with Periodic Potential," 08/2022 (Karpechina). Assistant Professor of Mathematics. College of Saint Benedict & Saint John’s University (CSB+SJU), Minnesota.
    • Minh T. Nguyen, "Sturmian theorems, asymptotic behavior for eigenvalues, and spectral theory for ordinary differential equations with distributional coefficients." 08/2022 (Weikard). Lecturer at the Faculty of Mathematics And Applications at Saigon University, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.


    • Mohammed Darras, "Quantum Velocities For 1D Discrete Schrödinger Operators With Periodic Potential," 04/2021 (Stolz).
    • Sourav Bhattacharya, "Topics in Low Dimensional Dynamical Systems: Interval Rotation Numbers and Laminations," 04/2021 (Blokh). India.
    • Fatoumata Sanogo, "Tensor Completion and Total Variation Denoising and Deblurring in Tensor Space," 08/2021 (Navasca). Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistical and Data Sciences at Smith College, Northampton, MA.
    • Jean D. Rugamba, "Keller-Segel Type Chemotaxis Model: Asymptotic Behavior of the Small Data Solution," 08/2021 (Zeng). Visiting Assistant Professor, College of Charleston, South Carolina.
    • Sandeep Chowdary Vejandla, "Symmetric Cubic Laminations," 08/2021 (Selinger).
  • 2016-2020


    • Sundar Tamang, "A Model for Currency Exchange Rates," 12/2020 (Knowles). Assistant Professor at Western New Mexico University, Silver City, New Mexico.


    • Jessica A. Barnett, "Modeling Stock Prices with Differential Equations," 04/2019 (Knowles). Model Governance Analyst at Regions Bank, Birmingham, AL; Machine Learning Engineer at Regions Bank, Birmingham, AL.; Data Engineer Manager, Regions Bank, Birmingham, AL.
    • Abinash Nayak, "Inverse Problems, Regularization and Its Applications," 08/2019 (Knowles). Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Alabama at Birmingham.
    • Ramin Goudarzi Karim, "Tensor decomposition and rank approximation with applications to machine learning," 08/2019 (Navasca). Assistant Professor Department of Mathematics, Stillman College, Tuscaloosa, AL.


    • Ahmed Ghatasheh, “Comparison and Spectral Theory for Ordinary Differential Equations with Distributional Coefficients,” 08/2018 (Weikard).


    • Elizabeth Scribner, "Mathematical Modeling of Brain Tumors Advances Patient Care, Oncogenesis, and the Use of in Silico Clinical Trials," 12/2017 (Fathallah). Model Risk Manager, Regions Bank, Birmingham, AL.
    • Ivan Mann, "A Metrically Defined Uniformization Map of Planar Domains," 04/2017 (Oversteegen).


    • Caleb Moxley, "Homotopical Complexity of Several Billiard Models," 12/2016 (Simanyi). Visiting Professor, Randolph College; Assistant Professor, Birmingham Southern College.
    • Houssam Abdul-Rahman, "Entanglement in Disordered Quantum XY Chains," 08/2016 (Stolz). Postdoctoral Research Associate, Departmen of Mathematics University of Arizona.
    • Kwadwo Anti-Fordjour, "Pattern Formation and Semilinear Evolution Equations in Functino Spaces," 08/2016 (Nkashama). Assistant Professor, Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana.
    • Seong-Uk Kim, "Perturbation Formulas for Gross-Pitaevskii Equation with Periodic Potential," 08/2016 (Karpeshina). Instructor, University of Alabama; Postdoc at DePauw University
  • 2011-2015


    • Fatin Alawam, "Subsurface parameter estimation in oilfield modeling," 08/2015 (Knowles). Assistant Professor, College of Basic Education, Math department; Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, PAAET in Kuwait.
    • Brandon Barry, "On the Simplest Lamination of a Given Identity Return Triangle," 08/2015 (Mayer). Model Governance Analyst at Regions Bank, Birmingham, AL.
    • Kyle Besing, "Spectral Properties and Localization of two Random Laplacians of Graphs," 08/2015 (Stolz). Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Kentucky Wesleyan College.
    • Alzaki Fadl Allah, "Elliptic Equations and Systems with Nonlinear Boundary Conditions," 04/2015 (Nkashama). Model Risk Analyst at Regions Financial Corporation.


    • Terrence Muthoka, "American Options and Semilinea Parabolic Partial Differential Equations in Weighted Sobolev Spaces," 08/2014 (Nkashama). Quantitative Developer at Regions Banks.
    • Ajay Mahato, "The Inverse Volatility Problem for American Options," 04/2014 (Knowles). Model Risk Analyst at Regions Financial Corporation. 


    • Alexey Korepanov, "Small Perturbations in Hard Balls Dynamics," 08/2013 (Chernov, Simanyi). Research Post Doc at the Mathematics Institute of the University of Warwick (United Kingdom).
    • Jacob Chapman, "Spectral properties of random block operators," 08/2013 (Stolz). Actuarial Analyst at Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi.
    • Mitch Wyatt, "Uniqueness of the Potential in Schrodinger's Equation with One Boundary Measurement," 08/2013 (Knowles). Model Development Analyst at Regions Financial Corporation.
    • Ross Ptacek, "Laminations and the dynamics of iterated cubic polynomials," 08/2013 (Blokh, Oversteegen). Postdoctoral Associate at the University of Florida. 
    • Matthew Bledsoe, "Resonances and Inverse Scattering," 05/2013 (Weikard). Model Risk Analyst at Regions Financial Corporation. VP, Manager of Special Projects and Incentive Compensation Modeling, Regions Financial Corporation. SVP, Director of Credit Risk Models at IBERIABANK.


    • Qizhuo Huang, "Geometric fitting of quadratic curves and surfaces," 08/2012 (Chernov). Leturer in Applied mathematics, University of Virginia, Department of Engineering and Society. 


    • Ali Al-Sharadqah, "Statistical Analysis of Curve Fitting in Errors-In-Variables Models," 05/2011 (Chernov). Assistant Professor, East Carolina University.
  • 2006-2010


    • Rami Al-Ahmad, "On inverse problems for left-definite discrete Sturm-Liouville equations," 12/2010 (Weikard). Assistant Professor, Yarmouk University, Jordan.
    • Annette Larussa, "Conditional Well-Posedness and Error Bounds for the Groundwater Inverse Problem," 12/2010 (Knowles). Mathematics Education Specialist, New Mexico Tech.
    • Debra Mimbs, "Laminations: a Topological Approach," 08/2010 (Mayer, Oversteegen). Assistant Professor, Lee University, Cleveland, TN.
    • Abraham Freiji, "The BCS gap equation for asymmetric fermionic systems," 08/2010 (Hainzl). Postdoc, UAB Heersink School of Medicine, Department of Neurology.
    • Roger Nichols, "Spectral Properties of Structurally Disordered Media," 08/2010 (Stolz). Postdoc, University of Missouri. Assistant Professor of Mathematics, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.


    • Clinton Curry, "Topological Models for Julia Sets," 06/2009 (Blokh, Mayer). Technical Solutions Engineer, Google.
    • Mandar Kulkarni, "Multi-coefficient Dirichlet-Neumann type Elliptic Inverse Problems with Application to Reflection Seismology," 01/2009 (Knowles). Seismic Imager, CGGVeritas.


    • Nsoki Mavinga, "Nonlinear Second Order Parabolic and Elliptic Equations with Nonlinear Boundary Conditions," 07/2008 (Nkashama). Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Rochester and Swarthmore College.


    • Jeff Baker, "Spectral Properties of Displacement Models," 10/2007 (Stolz). Senior Portfolio Analyst, Southern Company.
    • Eman Hamza, "Localization Porperties for the Unitary Anderson Model," 10/2007 (Stolz). Postdoc, Michigan State; Postdoc Schrodinger Institut, Vienna; Lecturer, Department of Physics, Cairo University, Egypt.
    • Lee Goswick, "Dynamical, geometric, and Arithmetic Properties of Euclidean Lattices," 2007 (Simanyi). Software Engineer, Northrop-Grumman Corp. in Huntsville, Alabama.
    • Areeg Abdalla, "Fuzzy Monte Carlo Studies with Random Fuzzy Numbers," 2007 (Buckley). Lecturere, Department of Mathematics, Cairo University, Egypt.


    • Doug Childers, "Some topological Results on the Influence of Critical Points in Rational Dynamics," 2006 (Blokh, Mayer). Faculty, Kingwood Christian High School.
  • 2000-2005


    • Gaston Brouwer, "Green's functions from a metric point of view," 2005 (Oversteegen). Assistant Professor, Macon State College, Macon Georgia.
    • Jinguo Lian, "Pattern Formation for Some Systems of Nonlinear Differential Equations," 2005 (Nkashama). North China Electric Power University.
    • Hongkun Zhang, "Statistical Properties of Chaotic Billiards," 2005 (Chernov). North China Electric Power University; Postdoc, Northwestern University; Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts.


    • Claire Lesort, "Statistical Efficiency and Complexity of Curve Fitting Algorithms," 2004 (Chernov). Model Governance Manager at Regions Bank, Birmingham, AL.
    • Young-Ran Lee, "Spectral Properties of a Polyharmonic Operator with Limit-Periodic Potential in Dimension Two," 2004 (Karpeshina). Postdoc at UI Urbana-Champaign; Assistant Professor at Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea.
    • Aimin Yan, "An Inverse Gorunwater Model," 2004 (Knowles). Research Associate at UAB's Department of Radiology 


    • James Malaugh, "Rotational sets of the circle under z^d," 2003 (J. Mayer). Modeler, Inductis, New Providence, NJ.


    • Robert Peacock, "A local Borg-Marchenko theorem for complex potentials," 2001 (Weikard). Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Young Harris College, Georgia.
    • Mayumi Sakata, "Generalized eigenfunction expansions," 2001 (Kauffman). Postdoc, University of Missouri; Assistant Professor, William Jewell College.
    • Robert Sims, "Localization for one-dimensional models of disordered media," 2001 (Stolz). Postdoc, UC Irvine; Princeton University; UC Davis. Assistant Professor, University of Arizona.
    • Brian Smith, "Asymptotically flat quasi-convex Reimannian metrics of nonnegative scalar curvature and the constraint equations in general relativity," 2001 (Weinstein). Postdoc, Cornell University; FU Berlin.


    • Tuan Le, "An inverse problem in groundwater modeling," 2000 (Knowles). University of New Orleans.
    • Andrew Maner, "Boundaries of conformal rotation domains," 2000 (Mayer, Oversteegen). Boeing.
  • 1993-1999


    • Henry van den Bedem, "Chaotic models in nonequilibrium statistical mechanics," 1999 (Chernov). Scientific Softward Developer, Joint Center for Structural Genomics, Stanford University. 


    • Sean MacDonald, "Combinatorial properties of mappings," 1989 (Oversteegen). Assistant Professor, University of North Alabama; Assistant Professor, University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.


    • Joyce Yung, "Mathematical applications of diffusion equations in cancer tumor growth," 1997 (Nkashama). Fort Valley State University.
    • David McRae, "Riemann theta functions on degenerat surfaces," 1997 (Weikard). Woodberry Forest School, Virginia.
    • Mark P. Widener, "Topology of Julia sets of exponential maps," 1997 (Oversteegen). Imaging Business Machines, LLC.


    • Sarah Al-Sheikh, "A study of bifurcation for non-autonomous ordinary differential equation," 1996 (Ward). Assistant Professor, Kind Abdulaziz University.


    • Steve Underwood, "The Agmon spectral function for magnetic potentials," 1995 (Lewis). Attorney. Morgan, Lewis & Bockius; Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman.


    • Chris Pladdy, "Resolvent estimates for Dirac operators," 1994 (Saito). Assistnat Professor, Nicholls State; Zenith Electronics Corp., Research and Development; MITRE Corporation, Leavenworth, KS.


    • Robert Wallace, "A variational method for numerical differentiation," 1993 (Knowles). Jefferson State Community College.