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This is a spot graphic on the teacher certification page.Students who wish to prepare for careers as music teachers in K-12 schools will need to complete the requirements for the professional teaching certificate issued by the Alabama State Department of Education. These requirements are met by completing the curriculum for the Bachelor of Arts in Music degree with a concentration in Music Education (Instrumental or Vocal/Choral).

Because the Alabama State Board of Education frequently changes or adds teacher certification requirements, it is essential that students stay informed about current certification requirements. Therefore, music majors concentrating in music education are required to meet with their music advisor and an advisor in the School of Education and Human Sciences before registration each semester.

The Alabama teaching certificate is issued for two teaching fields in music: instrumental music and vocal/choral music, both valid for teaching kindergarten through grade twelve. Students are required to earn credit in at least one music ensemble per term for a minimum of seven terms — instrumental students must enroll in an instrumental ensemble and vocal/choral students must enroll in a vocal/choral ensemble. At least six of those terms must include involvement in the appropriate ensemble. Credit earned in excess of the minimum semester hour requirements for ensembles may be applied to music electives within the general studies portion of the teacher certification program. Read more about ensemble participation requirements.