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The dynamic and global nature of today’s economies require leaders with advanced skills in multiple domains. Now more than ever, employers seek leaders with competence in multiple arenas, so the Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies (IGS) degree offers students the flexibility to study advanced concepts and skills that are relevant to these multifunctional careers. An IGS degree at UAB offers students an opportunity to design a personalized world class educational experience to meet their specific goals. UAB’s IGS degree allows students to advance their competencies in more than one specialized area by allowing students to “stack” their choice of certificates from 19 participating programs at UAB in order to earn a personalized master's degree.

The Department of Political Science and Public Administration has two certificate programs that are choices for the IGS degree: the Nonprofit Management Certificate, and the Public Management Certificate. Students can choose either of these certificates to stack with one or more participating certificate programs to comprise the IGS Degree. For more information, a list of participating certificate programs and how to apply, visit the IGS Degree site.