Core program faculty and research interests:

  • Franklin R. Amthor: Neuronal computation and visual coding in retina and retinal targets.
  • Mary Boggiano: Neural and endocrine substrates of abnormal eating behavior.
  • Burel Goodin: Endogenous pain modulation, neuroendocrinology, racial and ethnic disparities in pain, biopsychosocial model of chronic pain.
  • Rajesh Kana: Higher cognitive and social functions in people with autism spectrum disorders.
  • David Knight: Neural substrates of human learning, memory, and emotion.
  • Daniel Mirman: Language processing, semantic memory, computational models of brain and cognition, language and cognitive disorder.
  • Robert Sorge: Innate immune system involvement in pain and addiction.
  • Edward Taub: Neurorehabilitation, Constraint-Induced Movement therapy.
  • Bulent Turan: Effects of negative social evaluation on biological markers of health.
  • Jarred Younger: Neuroinflammation, pain, and fatigue.

There are numerous additional faculty at UAB who mentor our students and have primary appointments in other departments.