The Department of Psychology faculty in the Lifespan Developmental Psychology Program represent the following research areas. Consult the faculty websites for more details about their current research.

  • Karlene Ball: Cognitive aging and driving.
  • Fred J. Biasini: Developmental disabilities, early childhood development, autism spectrum disorders.
  • Olivio Clay: Health disparities, caregiving, and social support.
  • Michael Crowe: Cognitive aging and clinical geronpsychology.
  • Kristi Guest: Developmental psychology, developmental disabilities, social development.
  • Maria Hopkins: Developmental disabilities.
  • Rajesh Kana: Functional MRI, autism, and social cognitive neuroscience.
  • Daniel Mirman: Language processing, semantic memory, computational models of brain and cognition, language and cognitive disorders.
  • Jessica Mirman: Child and adolescent health and development.
  • Sylvie Mrug: Child and adolescent development and psychopathology.
  • Sarah O'Kelley: Autism spectrum disorders, including cognitive and behavioral phenotypes, screening and early identification, sibling and family functioning, group social skills interventions, and issues across the lifespan.
  • Christina Rodriguez: Parenting and child abuse risk.
  • David C. Schwebel: Child injury prevention, pediatric psychology, child clinical psychology.
  • Despina Stavrinos: Driving in at-risk populations (teens, older adults, drivers with ADHD/Autism and other developmental disabilities) and human factors.
  • Laura Stoppelbein: Developmental psychopathology.
  • Bulent Turan: Social relationships, social support and attachment, and hormonal reactivity.

There are numerous additional faculty at UAB with expertise in developmental sciences. Faculty members with primary appointments in other Departments who are closely involved with the program include: