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Recent Dissertations

  • Jonathan Adams: Predictors of Carrying Weapons to School Among Adolescents. Chair: Dr. Mrug
  • Ghislaine Atkins: A Stress Process Approach to Assessing Caregiver Burden, Depressive Symptoms and Quality of Life: The Role of Attachment in Adult Relationships. Chair: Dr. Clay
  • Tyler Bell: Driving Through the Fog: The Impact of Traumatic Brain Injury on Mental Fog and Driving Performance. Chair: Dr. Stavrinos
  • Haley Bishop: Comparing Simulated Driving Performance of Drivers and Pre-drivers with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Chair: Dr. Stavrinos
  • Logan Boe: Parents’ Personal Characteristics in Explaining Perceptions of Infant Temperament. Chair: Dr. Rodriguez
  • Wesley Browning: Examining Interpersonal Differences among Caregivers in Health Outcomes Using a Stress Process Model: The Influence of Adverse Social Experiences and Social Support. Chair: Dr. Clay
  • Benjamin Burgess: Cognitive Factors and Treatment Adherence in Individuals with Cystic Fibrosis. Chair: Dr. Mrug
  • Christian Clesi: Investigating the efficacy and parental impact of a novel community education workshop for caregivers of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Chair: Dr. Biasini
  • Emma Sartin: The Influence of Child, Parent, and Context Factors on Children's Traffic Injury Risk. Co-Chairs: Dr. Stavrinos & Dr. J. Mirman
  • Omar Maximo: Cortico-Subcortical Functional Connectivity of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Chair: Dr. Kana
  • Benjamin McManus: The Effect of Occupational Demands on Driving Safety in Surgical Residents. Chair: Dr. Stavrinos
  • Catheryn Orihuela: Neighborhood Disorder and Risky Sexual Behaviors in Adolescents. Chair: Dr. Mrug
  • Caitlin Pope: Cognitive Correlates of Driving Behavior in Older Adults with HIV. Chair: Dr. Stavrinos
  • Eva Trinh: Effects of a Social Skills Focused Cooking Class on Social Skills, Adaptive Behavior, and Eating Behavior in an After-School Social Awareness Program. Chair: Dr. Biasini
  • Danielle Vincent: The Effect of Retouched Magazine Images on Body Dissatisfaction. Chair: Dr. Biasini
  • Shannon Wittig: Relationship Between Parenting Styles, Parenting Behaviors, and Children's Socioemotional Development: A Longitudinal Study. Chair: Dr. Rodriguez

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