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Bridge Hill Kennedy

PhD, Developmental Psychology concentration, 2011

Career: Associate Professor, UAB

Dr. Bridge Hill Kennedy was born in Birmingham, Alabama and has always had a deep respect for and an interest in mental health and healthcare. After working for more than 8 years, as a secretary in a #1 trauma center, they decided to enroll in college (as a nursing major). As time went on, they developed a strong interest in Psychology. They completed their BS, MA, and PhD at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in Developmental Psychology. During graduate school, Kennedy's research focus was on Racial Disparities in Healthcare Utilization within the Aging Population. Currently, Dr. Kennedy serves as an Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of the Online Undergraduate Program in Psychology at UAB where their teaching focuses are: Human Sexuality, LGBTQ+ Rights, Social Psychology, Human Development, and Gender Issues. In the classroom Dr. Kennedy encourages students to express their distinct perspectives while showing respect for and garnering knowledge from others whose backgrounds and views are different from their own.