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Hands-on Learning

One of the best ways to set yourself apart from other college graduates is to have research experience on your resume. The Department of Psychology offers our students several ways to get that experience through courses called Practica, in ways that fits your interests best:

A student in the Social Science Research laboratory.

UAB’s large psychology course catalog allows for numerous teaching opportunities. Its connection to University clinics and community organizations offers you a wide range of community-based positions. The department’s research opportunities are one of its greatest strengths, with primary, secondary, and adjunct faculty all across campus.

While research, teaching, and community practicum experiences are extremely valuable, they do not substitute fully for other course work. Three credit hours can be applied toward the department requirements for a major or minor. This limit should not, however, discourage you from taking additional hours and continuing with a valuable research or community project. Credits beyond the three can be applied to your general elective pool, and can give you an advantage in your future career or graduate work (continued and extensive practical experience is valued by employers and graduate programs).

Students cannot receive payment for participating in practica.


Contact the Practicum coordinator, Dr. John Eric Gampher.