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PY 396: Teaching Practicum

The Teaching Practicum provides you with the opportunity to receive academic credit for participating in supervised teaching of undergraduate psychology courses. It is taken on a Pass/Fail basis. You must have completed the course you wish to assist in, and must obtain permission from the Practicum coordinator.

How to Enroll

Professor teaching an undergraduate psychology course. Any instructor (including graduate, adjunct, and tenure/tenure-track) of a course or courses listed or cross-listed in the Psychology undergraduate catalog at the 100, 200, or 300 level may serve as a PY 396 supervisor. You are responsible for contacting the instructor who teaches the course you are interested in teaching.

It is important to discuss the number of hours per week that you can commit to. This decision translates to the number of credit hours for which you register. Talk to your practicum supervisor to determine what your time commitment will be.

Once you've made those arrangements, you must complete a Practicum Authorization Form in collaboration with your supervisor. Once the form is completed and signed by your supervisor, return it to a Psychology advisor. Assuming that your enrollment is approved, you will receive notification from the department that you can register for the course.

Activity Logs

You'll complete an activity log of your practicum that will be graded by your supervisor. You'll use the log to keep track of your time, but also to keep a record of your activities and accomplishments each week. This is a part of your grade, so be sure to fill it out during the semester instead of all at once at the end. You are responsible for making sure that your supervisor has the form on time and is aware of the deadline for submitting your grade.


Contact the Practicum coordinator, Dr. John Eric Gampher.