Sociology at UAB

What do you do with a degree in Sociology? Almost anything you put your mind to.

Sociology is the scientific study of human behavior. If you want to understand social behavior in the real world, sociology is where you find the answers. From large-scale social processes occurring in the wider society beyond the individual to the dynamics of social interaction within small groups, sociology investigates the complexities of human social relationships. Regardless of your chosen career path, having a critical understanding of the social world will put you at the forefront of your career field!

Graduates of sociology have gone on to careers in administration and management (in government, private business, and nonprofit organizations), marketing, sales, politics, communications, social services (youth, senior, and poverty), corrections/investigation (local, state, and federal), and public relations, just to name a few. In addition, a degree in sociology can help prepare you for many professional degree programs when paired with one of the pre-professional programs at UAB. Sociology graduates have gone on to law, business, and medical school.

Students of SOC 489 presenting results from a department survey.

Study With Us

Students of SOC 360: Sociology of Work visiting a Golden Flake chip factory. Students of SOC 360: Sociology of Work visiting a Golden Flake chip factory. Whether it’s learning about racial disparities in stress with Dr. Myles Moody, how understandings of death differ across cultures with Dr. Cindy Cain, the intersection of faith/religious communities and HIV/AIDS with Dr. Magdalena Szaflarski, the link between social class and health with Dr. Joseph Wolfe, or the manner in which gender structures family relationships with Dr. Mieke Beth Thomeer, students in the department of sociology enjoy small upper division classes, taught by engaging dynamic professors who help students develop critical thinking skills that they can directly translate to the workplace, or prepare them for graduate or professional school.


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