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The Theatre Honors Program is designed for outstanding students majoring in Theatre. Through mentored work on an individually developed creative project or research topic, students will develop skills in preparation for graduate school or a professional career.


Acceptance into the Theatre Honors Program requires the student to:

  • Be a Theatre major.
  • Have earned a 3.5 GPA in Theatre courses attempted.
  • Have earned a 3.0 GPA overall.
  • Have completed: Theatre Technology: Scenery and Lighting (THR 124), Theatre Technology: Costumes and Makeup (THR 125), Beginning Acting (THR 154), Introduction to Theatrical Design (THR 210), & Analysis of Dramatic Literature (THR 235)
  • Have completed 60 hours toward the BA degree.
  • Have completed at least two UAB Theatre production practicum.


  • Completion of required courses for the Theatre major.
  • Arrangement with a faculty mentor for a creative or research project.
  • Submission of a formal project proposal to the faculty mentor and the Honors committee.
  • Registration for 3 credit hours of THR 496 Honors Project.
  • Public presentation of the honors project.
  • Acceptance of the completed project by the faculty mentor and the Honors committee.
  • Submission of an archival copy of the project to the Theatre Department.


In addition to the educational benefits of working on a mentored, individually designed project, honors majors receive a certificate at the Spring UAB Honors Convocation and will graduate "With Honors in Theatre."


For more information and/or admission to the Theatre Honors Program, please contact:

Lee Shackleford
(205) 527-4609
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.