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Talent-Based Scholarships

The Department of Theatre awards talent-based scholarships on an annual basis. Scholarship amounts vary, but a typical annual award ranges from $1, 000 to $3, 000 and may be awarded/renewed for a total of four years.

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In addition to academic scholarships, the Department offers stipends in performance and technical areas for qualifying students. For example, a student may receive a stipend for performing in one of our tour groups, or for advanced work in the scenery or costume shops, These stipends are financed through grants and other sources which vary from year to year.

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Other Scholarship Opportunities

UAB awards dozens of scholarships based on academic merit, financial need, or athletic or artistic talent. Some of these scholarships have specific requirements or conditions that must be met. Several two-year scholarships are also available for transfer students.

Visit BSMART, UAB's Scholarship The Blazer Scholarship Management and Resource Tool, to learn more about these scholarship opportunities.

Work Study

We also encourage our students to apply for Federal Work-Study assistance. Students who are hired for one of the production stipends in a production area can earn Federal Work-Study assistance in this position. Federal Work-Study assistance can also be earned by working in the Department office.