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UAB Early Head Start Parent Calendars have important information about ongoing programs and special events. Your calendar will be mailed to you at the beginning of each month and contains important information such as:

  • When is your next scheduled socialization?
  • When is your next parenting meeting?
  • When are PIPA and Policy Council meetings?
  • Are there special events this month?

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You can also see the current and past calendars by clicking on the links below.

Downloadable Calendars

September 2010 Parent Calendar
October 2010 Parent Calendar
November 2010 Parent Calendar
December 2010 Parent Calendar

January 2011 Calendar
February 2011 Calendar

March 2011 Calendar
April 2011 Calendar
May 2011 Calendar
July 2011 Calendar 
September 2011 Calendar
October 2011 Calendar  
November 2011 Calendar

April 2012 Calendar
May 2012 Calendar  
June 2012 Calendar  
July 2012 Calendar  
December 2012 Calendar

January 2013 Calendar
February 2013 Calendar
March 2013 Calendar   
April 2013 Calendar
May 2013 Calendar
June 2013 Calendar