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The UAB Early Head Start Program provides a variety of support services for program participants:

Health Services
Nutrition Services
Disability Services
Mental Health Referral Services
Transportation Services

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Health Services:

Early Head Start emphasizes the importance of early identification of health problems, which, if undetected or untreated, could lead to learning difficulties. We want to ensure that every child is receiving comprehensive health care services from their primary physician.

We work closely with the child's primary physician to monitor such areas as immunization, growth and development, vision and hearing screenings. We also work closely with community providers of Dental and Nurtrition to ensure the child's well being.



Nutrition Services:

The Nutrition Service area of Early Head Start is concerned with making sure the nutritional needs of the child are met. The UAB Early Head Start program Health Coordinator will work closely with a Registered Dietitian, your Family Partner and your child's primary physician to assist you with the following:

  • Instructions from the child's physician relating to special diet and feeding

  • Breast milk

  • Formula type

  • Schedule for introducing solid foods and new foods

  • Food constancy

  • Food likes and dislikes

  • Food allergies

  • Introduction of cups and utensils

At socializations, we try to introduce new foods to
families and to encourage nutritious eating habits.

Disability Services:

Children of all abilities grow up together as participating members of our community and society. Our Early Head Start Program and nationally Head Start has an open enrollment policy for all children, including children with disabilities. Our program believes that all children should have the opportunity to develop skills, to appreciate similarities, and to understand and accept individual differences. To achieve these goals, our Early Head Start Program provides the following services to families and children with disabilities:

  • Assist families in meeting the needs of their children.

  • Help to identify children in the program who may have special needs and could benefit from Early Intervention services. Make referrals to appropriate agencies.

  • Build a collaborative partnership with specialists, parents, and service providers to plan and coordinate services for children's development.

  • Build connections with families in the community.

  • Work with families and the Alabama Early Intervention (AEIS) or Local Education Agencies (LEA) to develop children's Individualized Family Service Plans (ISFP) or Individualized Education Programs (IEP).

  • Provide resources and educational support for families.

  • Assist families with the transition process from Part C services with Early Intervention to Part B Preschool services.

Mental Health Referral Services:

Children grow and develop rapidly during the infant and toddler years. Early Head Start is concerned with the total development of each child. The Mental Health portion of Early Head Start focuses on the promotion of each child's positive self-worth, respect for individual differences, and the ability to play, love, learn, and work within the home, school and other environments. These all fit together to form the foundation of a mentally healthy person.

The overall goal of Early Head Start is to bring about a greater degree of social competence in children. Our staff works toward this goal by following these objectives:

  • Enhancing staff and parent understanding of child growth and development.

  • Supporting Mental Health activities by staff and parents which are matched to children's needs and abilities.

  • Assisting all children in the program with their emotional, cognitive, and social development.

  • Providing services to maximize the full potential of children with disabilities or special needs.

  • Working to prevent problems that may interfere with a child's development.

  • Ensuring early identification of problems that may interfere with a child's development.

  • Serving as a referral source for staff and parents in obtaining and/or providing counseling and other resources.

Children develop best when cared for by a strong, confident parent(s) or
guardian(s). Therefore, The UAB Early Head Start program is also concerned with supporting your Mental Health needs. Our Family Support Coordinator is available at all times to answer questions and to provide referrals for any who are interested.

Transportation Services:

Transportation will be provided to UAB Early Head Start Program families on an "as needed" basis for Policy Council/Parent Committee meetings, socializations, developmental assessments and other necessary appointments. This includes taxi fares.