The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) is committed to conducting its affairs in ways that promote mutual trust and public confidence.  All members of the UAB community are responsible for sustaining the highest ethical standards of excellence, integrity, honesty, and fairness and for integrating these values into teaching, research, patient care, business practices, and other services of the university.  Ethical conduct is a fundamental expectation for every UAB community member and is the cornerstone of the UAB Enterprise Code of Conduct.

UAB welcomes information about instances in which ethical standards may not have been upheld so that the institution can do the right thing by correcting deficient past practices and improving processes moving forward.  Consistent with UAB's Code of Conduct and Duty to Report and Non-retaliation Policy, individuals do the institution a service by reporting good faith concerns and are protected from retaliation for doing so.

The Ethics Matter website provides information and instruction on reporting ethical concerns.  If you have questions about the information that appears there, please feel free to contact the Office of Compliance & Risk Assurance at (205) 996-6540.