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Current Major Government Research Support:

National Institutes of Health: SEPA program

Birmingham Science Education Partnership: Middle School Inquiry-Based Learning" is to advance science education by inquiry-based methods in middle school programs.

National Science Foundation:

UAB-Birmingham Consortium for Advanced Education in Computer Science (ALADDIN) advances linear algebra and computer visualization education through inquiry-based methods in minority and underserved high schools.

BPC-DP: A Multi-tiered Mentoring Model (M3) for Increasing Minority and Women Participation in Computing is a teach to learn to teach program in which college, high school and middle school students learn and teach computer programming via “Alice.” Collaboration for Excellence in Science and Math Education (CESAME) is a program to recruit and train a cadre of STEM majors into secondary education careers. It includes formal education and informal.

US and State of Alabama Departments of Education

Alabama Science in Motion-UAB is an education grant for high school physics, chemistry and biology.

Alabama Math, Science and Technology Initiative (AMSTI-UAB) advances science and math education through inquiry-based methods in all North Jefferson County schools (~70,000 students). It provides intense training to about 3,000 science and math teachers and kits/modules that are the core of the education.

The University-school Partnership for Science Education advances science and math education through training area high school teachers in inquiry-based methods for teaching cellular and molecular biology.