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Among the many enthusiastic, hard-working employees at UAB School of Dentistry, Andria Crawford stands out for going the extra mile. A beacon of excellence in the Endodontics Clinic, she is called a 'Quiet Storm' by those who work alongside her.

andria crawfordCrawford is patient accounts representative who exudes a can-do attitude. At the forefront of patient interactions, she greets each visitor with a reassuring presence. Her gentle demeanor has a soothing effect, especially on those who may be feeling anxious or fearful.

“Andria is the first face you see when you enter the Endodontics Clinic, where she meets you with a smile and a comforting tone regardless of the circumstances,” says Renee Holifield, the school’s personnel generalist.

Collaboration is the linchpin of Crawford’s role, and the success of each appointment hinges on her ability to work effectively with patients, residents, students, faculty, and clinic personnel.

“Andria must manage many patients that come to the clinic as emergencies without scheduled appointments, many of which are in severe pain,” says Endodontics resident Dr. Christopher Hawkins, who noted that she goes “above and beyond” to get the patients seen on the same day.

Even in the face of a demanding environment – juggling the schedules of residents and students, fielding phone calls, and addressing patients' concerns – she maintains a level of professionalism that is truly commendable.

According to Crawford, professional courtesy is saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ – it is about respect. “Respect means having a respectful attitude and respecting one's job and duties. Respect in the workplace promotes a positive work culture.”

Colleagues say her tasks are carried out with utmost efficiency and care, and her decisions are guided by what is best for patients and others.

“I am aware of a patient with special circumstances that was referred from Children’s Hospital that needed special accommodations. Instead of waiting upon their arrival to find the answers, she started immediately at the scheduling of the appointment,” says Charlene Paige, a financial officer in the Department of Pediatric Dentistry. “She contacted different individuals with questions about the visit and went beyond to call outside with the information provided at the appointment. By the end of that day, she had finalized the appointment, and when the family arrived, the appointment went well.”

Crawford believes communication helps a team work together more efficiently. “I think of sharing ideas, and opinions. Communication is making sure everyone is informed and aligned. I think of achieving goals or task as a team. Listening to each other,” she says.

Andria crawford and residentHer collaborative spirit shines through in her dedication, adaptability to change, and unwavering support for her colleagues. Reliable and productive, she is never one to shy away from a challenge. She eagerly steps up to take on more significant responsibilities. Colleagues know that when a task is in her capable hands, it will not only be completed, but completed with excellence.

Endodontics Clinic Director Shandra Coble, D.M.D., says, “One of Andria’s standout qualities is her innovative approach to problem-solving. She consistently brings fresh ideas to the table and tackles challenges with creativity and diligence. Her commitment to excellence is evident in the high standards she sets for herself and our team, driving continuous improvement in all aspects of her work.”

Crawford’s belief in her own abilities extends to her coworkers, supervisors, and students, inspiring confidence in their own potential. These qualities mark her as a true team player.

During the unprecedented challenges brought on by the pandemic, Crawford showed extraordinary dedication by stepping in to support the School of Dentistry in Limited Care operations. Her actions spoke volumes about her integrity and commitment to excellence in patient care, even in the most trying times.

Department Chair Ashraf F. Fouad, D.D.S., M.S., praises Crawford, saying she “continues to excel in her work and demonstrate fiscal responsibility, optimal stewardship, and patient rapport.”

Not just an exceptional employee, Crawford is the embodiment of the spirit and values that define UAB. Her contributions resonate far beyond the Endodontics Clinic, leaving an indelible mark on the department and the school.