UAB Dentistry deeply appreciates the support of its activities and initiatives provided by alumni and friends during this past year. It is a pleasure and a privilege to recognize supporters whose generosity continues to be of vital importance to the school in achieving its mission.

Momeni MBAThe work of our own Stephanie Momeni is featured in the UAB News. Stephanie found a predominance of a recently discovered serotype of oral bacterium with a possible link to a number of systemic diseases. A Dental Academic Research Training (DART) predoctoral fellow and doctoral candidate in UAB’s Department of Biology, Stephanie presented her findings at the June 1 general meeting of the American Society for Microbiology.

The work of our own Dr. Amjad Javed and his team is featured in this week’s UAB News

The story covers a recently-released runx2 gene study on probing the role of the master gene in skeletal formation. The study has far-reaching potential including the development of ways to speed bone healing and mitigate bone disorders. Results of this ground-breaking research are expected to contribute to the future of personalized medicine.

Singleton Merten StudyThe UAB News features a newly-released paper entitled “A Specific IFIH1 Gain-of function Mutation Causes Singleton-Merten Syndrome,” co-authored by our own Dr. Mary MacDougall. The research team included Drs. Changming Lu and Olga Mamaeva, research associates for the Institute of Oral Health Research (IOHR), and Heidi Erlandsen.

The paper will be published in the February edition of The American Journal of Human Genetics. It describes, for the first time, the causative gene for Singleton Merten Syndrome. While rare, this disease causes heart calcification, bone defects in the hands and feet and early onset of periodontitis with full root resorption.

The study is a part of our efforts with the Global Center for Craniofacial Oral and Dental Disorders (GC-CODED), a newly established university-wide interdisciplinary research center. Work on the study was with Dr. Frank Rutsch from Muenster University Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Conan Davis, recently appointed assistant dean for Community Collaborations and Public Health, is featured in an article on the school’s expanding outreach.