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My name is Zane Hood, and I am a current D4 student here at UAB. I reached out to Dr. Fouad of the Endodontics Department at the end of my D2 year about doing research.

Zane Hood presenting at Scholars Symposium 2023

After meeting with him and sharing my interests, he gave me an opportunity to help him complete an ongoing systematic review and meta-analysis. After several months of work, I was able to put an abstract together and complete the review. In March 2023, I flew to Portland, OR where I gave an interactive talk presentation at the 2023 AADOCR/IADR conference on my research: “Cardiovascular disease and endodontic disease association: Role of study design”. That same month I participated in the UAB Scholar’s Symposium via poster presentation, where I was fortunate enough to win 3rd place in the Scholarly Activity section and was selected to present my research at the Hinman Student Research Symposium at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN.

After just returning from Memphis and giving my last presentation, I am now able to reflect on my time as a student researcher at UAB SOD. Participating in research has allowed me to visit places I had never been and make connections with people from all over the world. I have seen first-hand how crucial the research community is to the clinical side of dentistry. I am very glad to have had research further enrich my dental school experience and highly recommend getting involved with a research project of your own!

Story originally published in Vol I, Fall 2023 LSRG at UAB, a newsletter of the UAB Local Student Research Group.