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In 2020, Scholars Symposium was our school's first event to be impacted by the pandemic. While not yet on limited business operations, we had to postpone our guest speaker and limit the event to on campus participants only.

A year later, we have embraced the wonders of technology. We were thrilled to welcome last year’s scheduled speaker in our first virtual version of the event. The symposium also included a lecture from new Endodontics chair Dr. Ashraf Fouad and introductions by a few of our students. It was a well-coordinated day of scholarship on display, and we were able to accomplish it all while social distancing.

Congratulations to our award winners and to everyone who shared their research. Also, we extend appreciation to our Research Advisory Committee, judges, and students who so generously gave their time.

Last but certainly not least, thanks to Dr. Amjad Javed and the entire research team for re-envisioning the event and making the day a great success. It goes to show that we can accomplish just about anything with out-of-the-box thinking. A little technology doesn't hurt either.