Two students using tools to work on a dummy's mouth while a woman observes.

A successful career in dental assisting is dependent upon a good academic foundation, strong clinical skills, a high level of professionalism, and dedication to providing exceptional patient care.

The Dental Assisting Program at the UAB School of Dentistry is designed to provide students with unique clinical experiences and the educational background essential to be proficient in the delivery of dental health care. While rotating through a variety of clinics within the UAB School of Dentistry, dental assisting students have the opportunity to assist with a wide range of patient procedures. During their studies, students will experience an extensive number of clinical hours and patient treatment. Dental assisting instructors and dental faculty provide lectures and clinical supervision for the assisting students.

  • DAT 1110 – Introduction to Dental Assisting
  • DAT 1111- Pre-Clinical Procedures 1
  • DAT 1112- Basic Sciences for Dental Assisting
  • DAT 1114- Anatomy and Physiology for Dental Assisting
  • DAT 1115- Dental Materials
  • DAT 1118 – Applied Psychology in Dentistry
  • DAT 1211- Clinical Practice I
  • DAT 1213- Dental Radiology
  • DAT 1214- Dental Health Education
  • DAT 1216- Pre-Clinical Procedures II
  • DAT 1218- Communications
  • DAT 1311- Clinical Practice II
  • DAT 1312- Clinical Applied Infection Control and OSHA Standards
  • DAT 1313- Dental Assisting Seminar
  • DAT 1318- Dental Office Procedures