The Blaze to D.M.D. program is an 11-month pathway to a four-year DMD and is designed for promising students with potential in dentistry. This five-year program provides selected applicants with a pathway to dental school by helping them establish a strong foundation in the biomedical and health sciences, which helps students succeed in the dental school environment.

The Blaze to D.M.D. program offers conditional acceptance for selected students enrolled in the UAB Master’s in Biomedical & Health Sciences Program (MSBHS) who commit to pursuing a D.M.D. degree at UAB. This program is one of the cornerstones of our efforts to recruit and develop qualified students from backgrounds typically underrepresented in dentistry.

This partnership between the School of Health Professions and the School of Dentistry (SOD) allows students to experience an organ-based, integrated curriculum modeled after the first two years of dental school. Students interact with and learn from faculty who teach in professional programs at UAB and will earn a Master of Science in Biomedical Health Sciences.

Candidates for the Blaze to D.M.D. program are identified during the regular UAB SOD admissions cycle via the American Association of Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS). Preference is given to Alabama residents. Students who successfully complete all elements of the master’s program with a 3.5 cumulative GPA will be accepted to the School of Dentistry for the following academic year.

Application Process

There is no direct application to the Blaze to D.M.D. program. Applicants are identified for the program through the regular dental school application process. Applicants must apply to UAB School of Dentistry through AADSAS during the application cycle preceding matriculation to the MSBHS program. 

During the application screening, interview, and committee review processes, members of the UAB SOD Admissions Committee will identify suitable applicants and coordinate with MSBHS personnel regarding candidate selection. Students selected for the Blaze to D.M.D. program will be required to complete the UAB graduate school application process.