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Interested in seeking treatment in a student clinic?

We are dedicated to providing state of the art, comprehensive, and patient-centered care in a friendly and professional environment. Comprehensive care means we take a long-term approach for helping you achieve the best health for your mouth.

Our recently renovated Comprehensive Care Clinic offers the latest for modern delivery of dental care. Operatories offer open spaces to work while also protecting patient privacy. Digital impressions and imaging provide the latest options for patient care. Students who are in the process of earning a D.M.D. degree spend significant time evaluating all aspects of your dental and oral health to offer you various treatment options, most often beginning with a cleaning or deep cleaning. Then, they will follow a specified treatment sequence. The students are supervised by our expert team of faculty and supported by our professional staff. While being a patient in this student program offers attractive fees, the time required is generally greater.

Our patient-centered approach means that you, the patient, are a key member of the oral health care team and you are personally involved in planning your care. After receiving a thorough exam in our Treatment Planning Clinic, you will be presented with the viable options for care including the risks, benefits, estimated costs and approximate duration of your active treatment. A treatment plan agreed upon by you and your providers will be discussed with you. Throughout treatment, you, the patient, will be given the information necessary to make informed decisions about your care. While a broad range of treatment options are available, patients are selected whose treatment needs are consistent with a learning student. Complex and highly difficult treatments are often appropriately treated in our specialty clinics. The Comprehensive Care Clinic is administered by our Department of Restorative Sciences.

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