UAB Center for Exercise Medicine Inaugural Symposium took place on Wednesday, October 23. Over 125 people, 115 from UAB, attend the symposium because of their work related to exercise.
  • Fisher, G. (2013) Effects of 12-weeks of aerobic exercise training on skeletal muscle mitochondrial function and insulin sensitivity in premenopausal women: Preliminary findings from the INTENSITY study. UAB Center for Exercise Medicine Inaugural Symposium. Birmingham, AL (oral presentation)
  • Sweatt, S.K., Fisher G., Ovalle, F., Gower, B.A., and Hunter, G.R. (2013) Exercise intervention affects muscle but not liver insulin sensitivity. UAB Center for Exercise Medicine Inaugural Symposium. Birmingham, AL
  • Gaddy, E., Hunter, G.R., McCarthy, J.P., Bamman, M.M., Fisher, G., Newcomer, B.R. (2013) Muscle fiber type, Achilles tendon length, potentiation, and running economy. UAB Center for Exercise Medicine Inaugural Symposium. Birmingham, AL
  • Other HS student presenters were Holly Resuehr and William Neumeier.

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