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Lecture Capture technology installed in Fall 2020 to help power hybrid classes is still available for faculty and students for the Summer 2021 semester. Students have expressed the great value in being able to review recorded lectures during the past semesters and there is no reason for that benefit to stop when classes return to face-to-face.

Having lectures recorded provide students opportunities to review content at their own pace, keyword search the transcript, and even interact with the content. We encourage faculty to take advantage of this technology going forward. Below are some commonly asked questions on Lecture Capture:

How are Lecture Capture Recordings started and stopped?

  • Recordings are scheduled automatically to start and stop based off information course information in Banner for any classroom that has Lecture Capture technology installed.
  • No action is necessary from faculty to start the recording. The recording will start at the start time of your class and will end automatically at the end of your class time.
  • Instructors can stop the recording prior to the end of class using the Crestron control panel.

What is captured in the Lecture Capture recording?

  • The recording will include two streams: classroom camera and shared content (what is being presented on the projector).

Where do the recordings go and how do I share them?

Where do I learn more about Lecture Capture?

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