Classrooms across UAB are equipped with Classroom technology including cameras, microphones, and recording equipment. Class recordings are available to instructors to publish or embed in Canvas courses for students to view.

Lecture capture equipment is installed in rooms with a capacity of 22 or greater and are designated as classroom for primary use in space management. Other room types such as assembly, conference, laboratory or offices are not designated for lecture capture.

Search the Classroom Technology Table below to find your classroom’s specific information and guides.

  • Why are my lectures being recorded?

    Research in higher education shows that all students benefit from being able to listen to lectures more than once, whether they were live originally or not. When a recording is available to a student in their Canvas course, the student can replay it at different speeds, search the machine transcript for key terms, add close captioning, optimize visual layout of the classroom and projection screen (PowerPoint, etc.) feeds, etc.

    Another major advantage of the new classroom recording technology is the ability to better serve students with accommodations from UAB’s Office of Disability Support Services (DSS). DSS has discontinued the COVID-related temporary academic adjustment request process but this technology may be used to provide an accommodation for students with disabilities and it will be taken into consideration as part of the normal DSS process. As a result, beginning in Fall 2021, DSS may offer use of recorded lectures as a “reasonable accommodation” when a student requests that they not attend class due to a confirmed disability.

  • What about Privacy?

    Signs are posted in every Lecture Capture classroom alerting students and instructors that the recordings are scheduled and can take place even when a class in not in session.

    All recordings are private to the instructor and are not available to the students unless the instructor takes action to publish/embed the video(s) in the Canvas course.

Interactive Training Tutorial

Watch eLearning’s self-guided tutorial below.

 Classroom Technology Thumbnail

In-Person Workshops/Demos

August 23-24, 2021, UAB IT's Classroom Technology group will provide in-person demonstrations of the new technology installed in UAB classrooms. These demonstrations will occur in Lister Hill Library. Each slot is 30 minutes, with limited participants to ensure proper distancing. Registration is required to participate.

Note: These demonstrations are for in-person attendees only. 

On-site Appointments

UAB IT Classroom Technology is available for on-site classroom technology training appointments once the semester begins. Please contact the AskIT help desk at (205) 996-9999 (6-9999 on campus) or enter a ticket at

    1. Contact Local IT Support (if applicable). NOTE: If you have local support for your classroom (CSOB, DENT, OPT, etc.), contact them first.
    2. Contact AskIT Helpdesk for equipment issues in the classroom:

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