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UAB collaborates with many different individuals who are not employees including volunteers, visiting scientists, scholars and observers, and minors. Use the list below to find resources, information, and requirements relating to each specific type of non-employee.

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The information in this section differs based on non-employee classification.
Make sure to self-identify your classification correctly to ensure you are meeting all requirements.

Requirements and Evaluations


All non-employees who will be onsite in a lab or research area must complete the “Enrollment Form” to establish their baseline health status. All non-employees must complete the “Enrollment Form” every two years. In addition, some non-employees may be required to undergo a clinical examination and/or receive certain vaccinations.

Examples of non-employes that must enroll include:

Volunteers or Non-paid students
Minors (those under the age of 19)
Visiting Scientists


All non-employees who will be onsite in the hospital or clinical areas must complete all paperwork and undergo required testing at Employee Health (e.g., TB Skin Testing, Fit Testing, etc.).