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""Even if you aren't majoring in electrical engineering, you may benefit from taking courses offered through the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Students majoring in biomedical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, pre-med studies, and other programs may find that adding one of our two minors can enhance studies at UAB and future career paths.

We offer two minors: Electrical Engineering and Software Engineering.

Electrical Engineering Minor

Electrical engineering has been an enabling factor in the advancement of technology. Recently, there has been an increasing need for professionals in most engineering disciplines who understand the fundamentals of electronic circuits, electronic signals, semiconductor devices, applied electromagnetics, control systems, computer systems, and communication systems. Knowledge of the fundamentals of electrical engineering can enable graduates of other engineering disciplines to be more effective in approaching real-world situations that increasingly involve electrical engineering applications.

Software Engineering Minor

With a minor in software engineering, you can combine your subject matter expertise from your major with the skills and knowledge of software development. This combination can give you access to additional skills and knowledge that could be beneficial to you in many different industries. This minor will introduce you to the fundamental tools, techniques, and processes of software engineering. With the emergence of the Internet of Things and its impact on all engineering fields, this minor will help you integrate your major discipline knowledge with software engineering methods and techniques that can be applied in areas from robotics to artificial intelligence to data analysis.


You can learn more about course requirements and read course descriptions in the UAB Undergraduate Catalog.