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A female Civil Engineering student peering through a concrete cylinder.

Welcome back to the UAB School of Engineering! As a graduate of one or more of our many excellent departments, you should know that you are part of a valued network of thousands of engineering graduates throughout the world. We are proud to have you as part of the School of Engineering family!

We continuously strive to keep you connected and engaged in order to strengthen the relationships you have with each other and with our school and community. Regardless of your location, here are some of the ways to get involved and stay informed with the School of Engineering:

Please contact us at any time. We welcome your comments, questions, or suggestions!


For more information about alumni events, making a gift to the School of Engineering, or updating your information, contact:

""Sarah Gulledge
Alumni Affairs Specialist
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(205) 934-0695
fax: (205) 934-8437

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