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A student in a UAB hard hat working in the civil engineering lab.

At UAB, engineering fundamentals are put to the test in projects that teach undergraduate students how to design and build, beginning with freshman engineering courses and extending to Senior Design—with plenty of opportunities in between. You'll have opportunities to see engineering concepts in action in your very first classes.

“It’s not enough to know how to make a strong design. You also have to learn how to calculate weakness and breaking points.”—Zoe Dwyer, professor and Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education

Graduate students may choose from a variety of academic paths. This includes traditional research-based M.S. and Ph.D. programs that pair graduate students with world-renowned engineering faculty and clinicians, as well as a completely online Master of Engineering program that has a range of tracks geared toward working professionals.

"The challenges that face the world require innovative solutions so that our actions today can have a positive and sustainable impact on future generations."—Timothy M. Wick, Interim Dean, UAB School of Engineering

Need even more flexibility? UAB's Interdisciplinary Engineering Ph.D. program offers opportunities to explore innovative projects in areas of convergence among more than one scientific discipline, whether that be other engineering disciplines or other academic or medical fields from across the UAB campus.

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