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"Keeping track of everyday professional activities is a time consuming process. Faculty Profiles is extremely helpful in organizing these data in a centralized location, which can be accessed from anywhere. It is very handy in preparing documents such as tenure/promotion packets, annual evaluation reports, or putting together resumes for grant applications."

Dr. Roy Koomulil
School of Engineering

"Faculty must keep records of professional activity, and the UAB Profiles is a step in the right direction to reduce the effort for this ongoing task. Faculty are assisted with automated tools that import publication, grant, and teaching data captured in other systems to reduce input requirements. With the addition of the reporting function, the tool will improve the process for administrative management of cumulative faculty data. Finally, collaborative tools are in development for professional networking opportunities. This promises to help both faculty and administration in maintaining current activity data and to leverage professional social networking to enhance the UAB community."

Dr. Daniel Givan
School of Dentistry

UAB Faculty Profiles not only tracks your manuscripts, but also the impact of those articles, including citations, as well as social media response. You can see who is talking about your work in blogs, twitter, etc. It did a great job picking up my manuscripts and grants. It also shows you a year-by-year bar graph of your publications. I think that the UAB Faculty Profiles will be an awesome collaborative tool."

Dr. Jarred Younger
College of Arts and Science

Faculty Profiles is excellent! It is wonderful to see how your work has been cited by others and reported on in the media (including social media). As a scholar, it has given me a new, holistic perspective on the impact of my work. As a Department Chair, it is helping me stay abreast of what our faculty are doing and how our work is collectively making a difference."

Dr. Christy Lemak
School of Health Professions

The new faculty profiles system is a great tool for compiling a list of publications for our quarterly department faculty meeting, our annual report, and our faculty pages for our departmental website. It will greatly reduce the time needed to put together this information, and furthermore, will enhance its accuracy."

Dr. Cynthia Owsley
School of Medicine