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Instructions to access some websites listed below:

  • UAB IT housed the websites on the new SharePoint platform. The link to the website goes through a Microsoft Office platform/login.
  • You must log-in to Microsoft using your uab.edu email address as your account (not UABMC nor other/personal) and then, use your BlazerID and password, when prompted.
  • Note: If you have a personal or a UABMC Microsoft account, your computer may auto-log you in using it; You must log in to the Microsoft platform using your uab.edu email address** only or you will NOT be able to see the website (it will say you do not have access). If it appears that your computer auto-logged you into the Microsoft Office platform, then sign-out of the Microsoft Office platform, then sign back in using your uab.edu email address** when asked for your Microsoft Office account.
  • ** If you are SOM and usually use a uabmc email account, you CANNOT use/type that as your “account”- it has to be uab.edu. Use/type your uab.edu email address - if you do not use or have a uab.edu email address, then type [Your BlazerID]@uab.edu (example: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and that should lead you to a BlazerID login screen, where you enter your Blazer ID and password.
  • If you still need assistance in accessing the website after following the instructions above, please contact Ask IT at 996-5555, informing them of all of the information above.

Faculty Senate Nominations

Faculty Senate 2024 nomination period: February 15th - March 7th

IMPORTANT: When logging in, you will be taken to a Mirosoft login in page. You will have to use @uab.edu email address as your "account" (@uabmc DOES NOT WORK). See full instructions above.

Submit A Senate Nomination


Number of seats to fill (half are Senator seats and half are Alternate-Senator seats)



College of Arts & Sciences







3 (1 vacant Alternate seat to serve until 8/2025)

Health Professions


Joint Health Sciences


The Libraries



8 (Non Joint Health Science departments)





Public Health


Faculty Senate Voting

The nomination/voting period has ended.

All persons with a faculty appointment may vote for candidates for Faculty Senate seats.

Faculty Development Grant Program

Information and applications for the FDGP are available on the FDGP website.

View interviews with past FDGP recipients.

IMPORTANT: When logging in, you will be taken to a Microsoft login page: You will have to use @uab.edu email address as your “account” (@uabmc DOES NOT WORK). The faculty member applying for the grant must be the person logging into the FDGP website. Once through the Microsoft login, at the Blazer ID log in, please enter your Blazer ID and password. (Some people may end up bypassing the Microsoft login and arrive directly at the Blazer ID login.) Only persons with a faculty appointment at UAB are able to access this website.

Faculty Senate Calendar

Follow this link for meetings and event information (must read login information above before clicking).

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC) and the Graduate Curriculum Committee (GCC)

Meeting Agendas, Minutes, and Other Documents

For agendas and minutes of Faculty Senate meetings, follow this link (must read login information above before clicking). Note: For the committees, follow the link and then select the committee in the navigational menu, to access committee agendas and minutes.

Reserve CTL Space

The UAB Center for Teaching and Learning promotes educational and professional development that leads to innovation in the classroom and meaningful student learning. Our offerings and space is available to any UAB faculty, student facing staff, or individuals teaching a course currently that is interested in professional and educational development. If you are in need of space for a faculty meeting, training, and or retreat we would love to host you. Contact us today at uabctl@uab.edu to check availability. Please include the dates of interest, time, purpose of reservation, and those who will be in attendance.