COVID-19, Letter to UAB Faculty from the Chair of the Faculty Senate

Amid this crisis, our faculty are truly wearing superhero capes. Many of our faculty are on the front lines, serving the sick and vulnerable at the peril of their own and their families’ health.

Faculty Senate meeting scheduled for March 10

Chair of the Faculty, Ria Hearld will give her monthly report. Provost and Senior Vice President, Pam Benoit, will give her Spring report along with Q&A and faculty collaboration session. Allison Shorten, Director of the Office of Interprofessional Curriculum (OIPC) in the Center for Interprofessional Education and Simulation (CIPES), will present a presentation-collaboration session regarding Interprofessional Education Opportunities at UAB. Mike Bertram, the new Director for the Institutional Research Cores, will present a presentation-collaboration session regarding the vision, goals and status of the Institutional Research Core Program (IRCP). Q&A, collaboration, and faculty advisement time will be included in each session.

Nominations being taken for Faculty Senate - service counts towards school or university service requirements


Participate in shared governance, as a voice for faculty, and be involved in the discussions and decisions that shape our university and guide our mission, while fulfilling a service requirement.