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International Travel ProcessUAB supports and encourages international travel by employees for the purpose of furthering the educational, research, and service missions of UAB.

It is recommended that UAB travelers check the “status” of the country/countries that they plan to visit through the Travel Advisories section of the U.S. Department of State’s Webpage and/or the Webpage of UAB’s International Travel Assistance International SOS when planning their travel and immediately prior to departure. UAB maintains the right to restrict travel to regions with a heightened safety risk.

International Travel Registration Form (ITR)

UAB employees (i.e., faculty, staff, post-doctoral employees/, medical residents and fellows), who plan to travel internationally on UAB-related business, are required to submit an online International Travel Registration Form (ITR) prior to travel regardless of whether the travel is funded by UAB sources or an outside source. Travel for personal reasons that is part of the UAB-related trip may be reflected in the International Travel Registration.

Once the form has been reviewed and “approved,” the employee will receive an automatic e-mail from “UAB Electronic Forms” with the Subject line: “UAB-Related International Travel Registration – complete.” That e-mail is needed for reimbursement for expenses incurred on that trip.

If the ITR is rejected, the employee will receive an automatic e-mail from “UAB Electronic Forms” stating that the Registration has been “rejected, the reason it was rejected and instructions on how to correct and resubmit it.

ITRs should be submitted as far in advance of the travel as possible. Last-minute submissions may delay transactions around ticket purchases, etc.

Questions about the ITR may be directed to the UAB Emergency Response Designee.

Submitting the ITR, automatically links travel of employees to the UAS International Travel Assistance Program provided by International SOS and allows UAB to receive real-time information and alerts about UAB travelers and their destination county or countries.

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