UAB welcomes dozens of third-party-sponsored research scholars from around the world each year. Even though the UAB ISSS office will not issue your Form DS-2019, we still want to connect with you, give you a small welcome gift, and inform you of international resources here on campus. We have designed a special (shorter!) J-1 orientation program just for you and will be glad to coordinate a convenient time with your UAB department.

Fulbright, USAID, and other US government-sponsored scholars

We realize that you will attend an orientation with your sponsor (Fullbright, USAID or other) before arriving at UAB. The Office of International Student and Scholar Services will be in touch to arrange a brief introduction to campus resources and life at UAB, held in the International Center on the second floor of Sterne Library.

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ECFMG J-1 Alien Physicians

Every July, UAB welcomes about 70 international medical graduates in J-1 status sponsored by ECFMG (the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates), which is the only entity in the United States authorized to issue immigration documents (Form DS-2019) for graduate medical education and training (i.e., residencies and fellowships). UAB’s ISSS office cannot and does not issue DS-2019s to individuals coming to the US for graduate medical education or training.

UAB’s Office of Graduate Medical Education handles the recruitment and matching of international medical graduates and works closely with ISSS to complete the J-1 process for those who will come to UAB on J-1 visas. If you match at UAB in March, or if you are offered a fellowship contract with UAB, your hiring department and/or program coordinator will contact ISSS to begin your immigration process.

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