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M.S. in Data Science (MSDS)

""The Master of Science in Data Science program is a STEM program that prepares graduate students for a professional career in the field of big data. Students will be equipped with fundamental knowledge and skills in data science and analytics, including:

  • machine learning,
  • modelling and quantitative analysis of massive datasets,
  • application of such technologies in strategic decisions,
  • critical skills for collecting and managing massive datasets, and
  • implementation of efficient solutions to real world big data problems using the most appropriate algorithmic techniques and software development tools available.

The program includes a set of core required courses and provides an opportunity for students to select from a wide range of electives related to data analytics, biostatistics, bioinformatics, business intelligence, and cyber security.

Program Basics and Timeline

The M.S. program consists of 30 credit hours including four breadth-requirement courses. Thesis (24 credit hours of CS course work + 6 credit hours of Thesis Research) and non-thesis options (30 credit hours of CS course work) are available.

A typical full-time student may complete the requirements of this M.S. program in one-and-a-half to two years. If you take a full course load in Summer, you may complete the degree requirements in three semesters (within 12 months). Many of our graduate courses are offered during the evening and some are offered online, which benefits our part-time working students.

Previously earned graduate credit with a grade of B or above while enrolled at another regionally accredited graduate school may be eligible for transfer into the student's current degree program if it has not been applied toward another degree (either at UAB or elsewhere). All transfer credit requests must be initiated by the student and require the approval of the graduate program director and the Graduate School. Transfer of Credit forms are available on the Graduate School website. Completion of this form does not guarantee that the transfer credit will be granted. No more than 12 semester hours of graduate credit can be transferred to UAB. Once transfer credit has been approved, it will be included in the calculation of the grade point average in the student's current UAB program.

Questions About the Program?

We invite you to explore the resources here on this website. If you still have questions that are not addressed here, please e-mail the graduate program director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..