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Heflin Center for Genomic Sciences

Welcome to the Heflin Center for Genomic Sciences

Welcome to the Heflin Center for Genomic Sciences (HCGS). The Heflin Center was founded in 2002 as a University Wide Interdisciplinary Research Center (UWIRC) with the goal of enhancing resources to enable UAB investigators to incorporate genetic and genomic approaches in their research.

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Genomics Opportunities

Genomics – study of the structure and function of the entire complement of genetic information in the cell – is catalyzing rapid advances in both biology and medicine. In biology, genomics is illuminating the pathways of cellular development and function, as well as patterns of evolution at the population level. In medicine, genomics has revolutionized diagnosis of rare disease, sometimes revealing new therapies. Cancer is due to accumulation of mutations in multiple genes and can define the landscape of these changes to guide treatment. Genomics is also providing clues to the genetic contributors to common diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, providing insights into causes of these problem. Genomic approaches will increasingly be integrated across all of medicine, helping prevent disease or provide targeted treatments. We are also developing the ability to edit genomic information for therapeutic benefit. Although this rises complex ethical questions, it also offers new approaches to improving quality of life for those with genetic disorders.

The Heflin Center provides a significant amount of outreach in genomics for UAB and the community.

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